our story

Damien Bernard Pierre was born in Brooklyn New York and was raised in Port Charlotte, Florida. He began cooking at an early age for his family, and through doing so he educated himself on how to prepare many different cultural cuisines which developed his passion and love for food over many years. Damien credits his Caribbean roots as the reason he cooks with a fusion twist.

"I cook with an assortment of Caribbean spices that add great flavors to foods and leave your mouth satisfied. My food will spice up your palette, and spice up your life," says Damien Pierre.

Damien Pierre graduated from AIU Atlanta in the state of Georgia before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the production and hospitality industry.  With his experience working for different hospitality companies, his love for making food continued. It wouldn't be long before he found himself working as a personal chef at private events, parties, and film shoots in Los Angeles, CA.

Damien Pierre can be found serving his popular chili and cornbread at Farmers' Markets in and around the Los Angeles area. Damien Pierre also hosts a Food Channel called, "Bachelor Cook TV" on YouTube where you can learn how to cook delicious recipes and join him on fun food adventures. Damien also has an online store at www.damisfoodsstore.com where he sells his original recipe barbecue sauce, "Dami's Famous BBQ Sauce" and his first cookbook titled, "Eat Good, Feel Good," also available at Amazon.com.